Age of Heroes…. in the Second Age of Atlantis


Campaign (and group) in development. The intention is to game using a customised version of Chaosium’s Magic World. Basically a version of their earlier Stormbringer with the IP removed. This will be an Atlantean world of sword and sorcery, along with the remnants of lost Atlantean techno-magery. Magic corrupts. All a hero needs is his/her will, and a good blade. Looking for like-minded players who want to give this a try.

I’m also looking for anyone interested in gaming generally in West London. My own particular interests are listed in on the modest website below, and also on the Meetup group’s page. Essentially, I’m wanting to hear from anyone amiable and good-natured who enjoys RPGs, tabletop wargames, or board games (mostly with miniatures). My main interests tend to be around sci-fi, fantasy and pulp. Though I’m also into historical stuff too.

Current communication channels:



Meetup Group:

Contact form on the Western Warlords Blog. Or use the messaging here. Or email westernwarlords at

Located in the West London area, Shepherds Bush through to Uxbridge generally preferred, though willing to be flexible in order to get a good group playing regularly. My ideal though would be meeting in the Borough of Ealing, but I’m happy to hear from anyone around West London.

Age of Heroes